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Workplace for the Digital Age
This Is the Workplace for the Digital Age
JG Summit TeamFebruary 01, 2019

Robinsons Land Corporation Expands its Portfolio by Getting into the Flexible Workspace Arena.


In business these days, disruption is the name of the game. Transportation companies like Uber or Grab don’t own cars, while the travel accommodations specialist Airbnb doesn’t own a single hotel room. In the digital age, when you can conduct business simply by having an online presence, our concept of what makes an office is also quickly evolving. Keeping abreast with the changing times, Robinsons Land Corp. has jumped into the flexible workplace arena with work.able.

“We offer a plug-and-play office space and offer packages for private offices, hot desks, dedicated desks, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and events space,” says Kaye Mallari-Sanchez, the vice president, business development and marketing head of Robinsons Land’s Office Buildings Division, to introduce work.able’s concept.


Banking on Robinsons Land’s years of experience in the real estate industry, work.able’s debut site immediately stands out from other flexible workplace players by boasting of a prime location in a brand-new building, Cyberscape Gamma, in the central business district of Ortigas Center. Even better, work.able offers workspaces right at the ground floor and at the penthouse, practically unheard of in the shared workspace segment. Mallari-Sanchez adds, “Coworking spaces are convenient (location, complete facilities), flexible (use it only when you need it) and highly conducive to collaboration (open space layout).”


Inside, work.able has interiors that are at par with the cool and chic workplaces found in the big tech companies popular with the young generation. A combination of timeless Scandinavian design touches and an industrial vibe contributes to the vibrant atmosphere, conducive to getting work done. As you enter and walk past the well-lit reception is the main co-working space, which takes up around 200 sq.meters. A self-service bar with automatic coffee machines and infused water is nearby, perfect for those taking quick breaks while at work—best of all, you can enjoy as much as you want while at work.able.


“work.able caters to start-up businesses, large corporations, professionals, freelancers, and students, such as medicals students, law students, and those in graduate school,” says Mallari-Sanchez. Since not everyone has the same working style or requirements, there are a variety of work station solutions to select from. The most basic is the Hot Desk, a work space in the open plan seating area suitable for those who are comfortable working alongside others. For those who prefer having a reserved space, the Dedicated Desks are perfect, and work.able even provides storage drawers for laptops, bags, and other belongings. Perhaps you are working on sensitive or confidential information? Then enjoy some peace and quiet in utmost privacy in work.able’s Private Offices. Packages start with the two-seater office suite. Bigger rooms are available on Cyberscape Gamma’s 37th floor, composed mostly of 3- to 6-desk private office suites.


For small gatherings, work.able offers four acoustically treated meeting rooms. The largest of these can seat 14 people, making it a good venue for board meetings. “The meeting rooms are not intimidating,” says Mallari-Sanchez. “The use of chairs with quirky patterned design makes it cool. The lights can be set in three ways to properly set the mood for presentation, plus the room is equipped with a smart TV which you can hook up to your phone, tablet or laptop.” For larger groups, there is an events space with bleachers, tables, and chairs that can accommodate 40 people. Designed as a two-in-one space, it can serve as a co-working space and can also be used as a Town Hall. If more space is required, clients can reserve the Town Hall plus the co-working spaces to accommodate up to 100 people. Presentations are taken to the next level at work.able. According to Mallari-Sanchez, among the high-tech gadgets available for use are the Samsung Digital Flipchart for Business, an innovative digital flipchart that helps drive more productive and efficient business collaboration; and the Epson interactive laser projector that lets you edit or write on your file, right on the wall where it is being projected.


Rates for work.able spaces start at Php250 for half a day, and this already includes the use of high speed wi-fi and unlimited servings of a specially crafted coffee by UCC exclusive for work.able or infused water. Those who reserve the private office suites for at least 30 days are entitled to additional benefits such as a mail and package handling service, the use of a business address, meeting room hour credits plus printing, photocopying, and scanning credits, among other perks. While work.able’s business hours are from 8 a.m to 6:30 p.m (Monday to Friday), long-term clients can have access to the facility 24/7 in case they need to retrieve documents or personal items they might have left behind. Unlike renting from a traditional office, work.able customers pay only one price which includes rent, high speed internet, utilities, free coffee, and front desk service—another big plus.


The name work.able is taken from the words “work” and “enabler,” and this flexible office space does just that as it encourages collaboration, even if you are working on your own. At work.able, a dedicated Community Manager and Community Associate are always around to help you network with like-minded and forward-looking people who may give you feedback on your ideas or provide a different point of view to find business solutions. At work.able, the next game-changing idea could be yours.


work.able is at Robinsons Land's Cyberscape Gamma building,Topaz and Ruby Roads, Pasig, Metro Manila. Hotdesks and coworking spaces are available to walk-in clients. To reserve meeting rooms or private spaces, please call 888.2253 or inquire at workable.ph