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This New Coworking Space in Ortigas
This New Coworking Space in Ortigas Merges Playfulness and Productivity
Spot.phFebruary 01, 2019

Work.able has put a lot of thought in the details.

(SPOT.ph)In the heart of Ortigas Center, the newly opened 37-storey Cyberscape Gamma houses a high-tech coworking office unlike any other, at least in the country. Work.able has everything a freelancer would need to get stuff done, tech that'll let you create interactive presentations, and experts on hand to help you if you run into any IT issues. And with plans starting at P250, it is one of the most affordable in Ortigas Center.


The first noticeable difference is its location. With its reception area and coworking area in the ground floor of Cyberscape Gamma, Work.able is much easier to access than other offices like it in the area. We all know that just waiting for the elevator to get where you need to go can be pretty frustrating: for those paying hourly rates in hard-to-reach working spaces, this means wasting precious time and money. So, being a ground-level office in a highly populated area, work.able is not just convenient, but also great for productivity. And those who decide to go for their short or long-term packages have access to Work.able’s digitally-secured offices 24/7—so their schedules don't have to revolve around anyone else's.


This attention to detail when it comes to what would help people work better is also what helped decide the look, feel, and functionality of the space. DesignerChristopher Butt, who specializes in flexible work spaces, says that this particular office stands out because it anticipates its workers' needs. Ask anyone who frequents cafes and other open spaces to work, and it will quickly become clear that a big challenge of working near other people is the noise and distraction.


“Sometimes you need to find peace and quiet,” Butt says. And that's exactly what Work.able strives to provide with its private offices away from the coworking area. “It's the first [coworking space] in the country to split its offices into different floors," he says, referring to the open space on the ground level, and the private offices at the penthouse of Cyberscape Gamma. "[It's] something you see a lot in Silicon Valley.”


But there are spaces perfect for those who work in groups, too. Shares Faraday Go, the Executive Vice President of Robinsons Land Corporation—which oversees Work.able, “I like the openness, play of lights, and the furniture of the coworking space, which make it conducive for collaboration and networking.”


There are many opportunities to socialize in Work.able. The chic kitchen area, with its free unlimited coffee specially crafted by UCC, is a great place to chat up fellow workers. The foozball table is another, which is one of the favorite details of Kaye Sanchez, Work.able’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. She says, “The game equipment is where people can relax for a while after a brainstorm” or to break up the work day and meet others.

Beyond the amenities, Work.able also wants to be deliberate about helping people connect by hosting social events for its members, such as the occasional Friday Happy Hour, community yoga, and informative talks.


This coworking space is a great example of how playfulness and professionality can come together seamlessly: For example, the wheeled television that greets visitors in the reception area is actually a Samsung Digital Flipchart for Business. More than just a screen that is compatible with any gadget (just ask the Work.able team for the adapter you need), it also acts as a hassle-free blackboard that can e-mail notes at the touch of the screen, saving users from both the messiness of chalk and the obstacle of having to print handouts or send follow-up e-mails at a later time.


Likewise, what looks like a nondescript projector hanging above the events space is actually an Epson Interactive Laser Projector, which allows presenters to write or draw on the images by swiping their finger across the wall. This feature is amusing, but more importantly, it makes the communication and collaboration in every meeting that much clearer.


For those who aren't able to make the trek to Ortigas Center, don't worry—Work.able has every intention of growing. And if the new branches are anything like this flagship branch, then flexible workers around the Metro (and beyond) have a lot to look forward to.


Customers can book a seat by calling 888-ABLE (2253), sending a message via enablers@workable.ph, any of their social media channels, or through the contact form on their website. They also accept walk-ins. For more information, visit Work.able's website or Facebook.