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Robinsons Offices Jericho P. Go, Roseann C. Villegas
Art works: How Robinsons Land Corporation Office Building is using art to boost productivity
Rappler.comSeptember 20, 2022

Robinsons Offices have turned their offices into art galleries


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Have you ever imagined working in an art gallery? How inspiring it must be to be surrounded by works of art that spark conversations, stimulate the imagination, and are a feast for the eyes, too. So much so that even a simple email might sound like beautiful prose. Unless you’re an artist or a curator, this might not be possible. But the employees of Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) can get a taste of this one-of-a-kind workplace experience as Robinsons Offices turns their offices into art galleries.


Showcasing Filipino ingenuity


RLC has always showcased Filipino ingenuity in all of its developments. As part of their mission to highlight the immeasurable potential of Filipino talent, they have decorated their offices with paintings made by some of the country’s talented local artists. The paintings they’ve handpicked were inspired by the Filipino traits and values that RLC also embodies: hardworking, industrious, enterprising, entrepreneurial, big into sustainability and community building, just to name a few. These artworks definitely weren’t just an afterthought. They seamlessly blend in with the office’s Filipiniana interiors that include touches of solihiya on the pantry cabinets, walls, and chairs, Machuca tiles, and Capiz lighting fixtures. The paintings, showcasing the different aspects of a Filipino community, also blend with the social features of the office that include huddle areas, billiards, table tennis, foosball areas, townhall, and sala.


But even with these masterpieces and beautiful interiors that make up RLC’s office on the 25th floor of Cyberscape Alpha in Pasig, going inside will instantly feel like home. As you enter the door, you will be welcomed by a veranda and, adjacent to it, the living room or sala, as we would call it, that resembles that of a typical Filipino home. Parts of the office will also be familiar to anyone who grew up in a Filipino family where medals, certificates, and paintings are commonly displayed by proud parents or grandparents on their walls. The only difference is that in RLC’s office, paintings made by local artists are the ones that are proudly on display.


Art and productivity


These artworks bring more than just beauty to RLC’s walls. They also aim to make employees feel more at ease as they return to working in the office after more than two years of working from home.


According to a study by workplace and people strategy firm, PLASTARC, “displaying art in the workplace can elevate employee performance, mood, and physical well-being, as well as bolster interpersonal bonds between employees and clients. People who work in environments decorated with aesthetically-engaging art typically experience less stress and anger in response to task-related frustration, and thus help to build a more collaborative and enjoyable workplace.”


RLC’s employees echo these findings.


“It’s such a great feeling. It feels like working in an art museum. It also helps us, employees, to restore our mental energy and reduce stress,” said Lester C. Torres, lease assistant, Robinsons Land Corporation Office Buildings Division.



“When I first walked into the office, I felt like I walked into an art exhibition. I also think it gives the office a homey feel to it. It is my first time working on-site, so I am really in awe of the ambiance of the office,” said Zia Marielle Chy, Legal Officer, Robinsons Land Corporation Office Buildings Division. “I am the type of person who cannot work or focus if the environment is disorganized or unpleasant, but seeing the displayed artwork, I easily become inspired and feel relaxed. I think it elevates the mood of the employees as well.”


This showcase of Filipino art and ingenuity would soon be seen in more of RLC’s properties – which now includes office lobbies – in the days to come.


“As a business unit, we will continue to espouse supporting Filipino talent not only through painting but also sculptures and the like,” Jericho P. Go, Senior Vice President and Business Unit General Manager of Robinsons Offices.


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